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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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let's get to it. it pretty good fog bank. this isn't changing. rights of the satellite, the less the better. we do have some thunderstorms going crazy over the sierra. most of this stays off towards the east the fog is with us. decent delta breeze, that is usually a sign that temperatures won't change much. there is a lot going on over the sierra. we have 60s, 70s, 80s and a couple of degrees one way or the other. and when temperatures are a couple degrees either way today. >> what you have? >> we're going to start off with this accident at 2:20 am. they said a car ran into a power pole and knocked out power to about 1000 people at east 18th near parsons lane and there is the car down the
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street. we can get a little bit closer by zooming in. this car is still there there was a big police presence it looks like a toyota yaris. power has been restored to all but a handful of customers. but you'll see that that car will stay there. let's move along by the way, we do not know if anyone was injured in the accident. this is a look at westbound 580. you can see that traffic is going to be busy as you get on to the area. the bay bridge toll plaza is going to be just a little bit busier now it's backed up in some of those lanes most of the lanes are looking good getting into the city. let's go back to the desk. >> a former correctional deputy has been arrested and accused of assaulting an inmate three years ago. prosecutors say that 35-year-old was working at the jail when he
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kicked an inmate in the head and the face. they decided not to file charges at the time. a source says that he was responding to a call for help from another deputy who was struggling to restrain an inmate. he says he kicked the inmate when he tried to grab his leg. this time prosecutors decided to file charges. he has not worked for them since august of last year. a deadly shooting in east oakland is being investigated. it happened at 35th avenue. near interstate 580 police rushed to the scene and found a man who had been shot. he later died at the hospital. there are very few details but investigators believe that there may have been to gunman. so far, there are no descriptions of the suspects. happening today, john teixeira will be formally
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charged with killing his wife. they said that he hit his wife linda in the head with a hammer or the 20 times. they say that the crime happened at the couple's home. she had filed for a legal separation. a pet smart rumor that rumor -- worker is charged with animal cruelty in the death of a small dog back in may. authorities say that he took the dock to the back room of a pet's mark -- but three minutes later the dog had foaming blood coming from its mouth. they found that the dog had been strangled he pleaded not guilty to those charges. time is 5:03 am. president. obama will fly to louisiana. he will see the devastating flood damage and firsthand. the president will go to baton rouge and get updates on
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efforts. residents are going back to their properties now. they're trying to salvage what they can. at least 13 people were killed in the storms and 60,000 homes were damaged. thousands of people have also applied for federal disaster relief. now to the presidential race for hillary clinton it is an issue that just will not seem to go away. thousands of new emails are about to be released. donald trump in the meantime is trying to explain what appears to be a changing position on immigration. doug has more from washington. >> has donald trump flipped on immigration? and hillary clinton dealing with these new email disclosures that could at the very least undercut her claims as she has been fully transparent. >> hillary clinton last night
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making light of her email problems. >> my emails are so boring. i'm embarrassed about that. so we have are ready released i don't know, 30,000 so what is a few more? >> a few is actually about 15,000 that she did not turn over. the fbi found them in the state department has been ordered to make them public. it is not clear what they contain but they could shed more light on the complicated relationship between the secretary of state hillary clinton and the clinton foundation which republicans pointing to evidence of influence. it is not clear how much traction any of this will get. >> she has had one big piece of luck in that she has an opponent that has bigger troubles than she does. >> donald trump is without question behind in the polls his latest trouble is immigration reform and whether he is backing away from a commitment to deport all illegal immigrants. last night he said his priority would be those who committed other crimes. >> the police know who they are.
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they go around killing people and hurting people and they're going to be out of this country so fast that your head will spin . >> he was slated to deliver a big address this week that has now been put on hold. people living in roanoke may smell a national go -- a gas odor. they are installing a new connection to its national gas -- natural gas system. although there may be a strong gas smell they say, that it is normal and part of a plan inspected construction operation. a california wildfire is burning closer to a state landmark this is video of the castle shot from yesterday afternoon and the flames from the chimney fire are now a mile and a half from the castle fire
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crews say that it is not in any immediate danger but historians are danger -- are worried about the -- architecture being damaged. the fire is 35% contained that when in the area has changed direction several times that has helped push those flames pass the fire lines in many places during the 10 days that the fire has burned so far that the two buildings including homes have burned -- 52 buildings including homes have burned. 2500 people have been ordered to evacuate. it is 5:07 am. after being victimized in oakland one-family is thinking about moving out. a surveillance video caught the two attacks. the woman pulls up in a mercedes at her home and her two-year-old is in the back seat. a nissan maxima passed by and two men jump out to try to open
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a mercedes doors but they are locked. those men speed off and almost crashed into another car. the second incident happened last year the families 82-year- old grandmother was getting flowers out of the trunk when two different robbers got out of an infinity grabbed her purse and she chases after them and was dragged a few feet. police made arrest in both cases but they are saying that they no longer feel safe. police arrested a man accused of using a very elaborate disguise. the 45-year-old was booked into the jail and martinez. police say that he wore a hat sunglasses and a fake beard and use a walker during a bank robbery. he got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. police say that he tried to rob to of things earlier this month that he was not allowed inside of one of the banks and he was turned away from another bank when bank tellers to give him
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any money. san francisco police arrested a passenger who is apparently not happy with the route that his driver took early yesterday morning. the examiner reports that the passenger got into the cab near silver avenue about 3 am police tell the paper that the passenger punched the driver in the face the cab driver stopped the car pulled the passenger outside and the two of them started fighting. they say that the passenger used his thumb to gouge the i of the cab driver -- the eyeball of the cab driver. police arrested the passenger. chp had to use a helicopter to rescue a bird -- driver. it happened about 3:45 pm near steep ravine canyon. there were three people inside of the van into of them were able to get out but fire crews had to repel down the ravine to get to the driver.
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a helicopter took him to the hospital and all three people suffered minor injuries. a man born with a severe disability is facing new challenges while running for the school board. >> it made me feel awful i was crying i was very much in tears when i saw that happened to me. >> this hateful message found outside of his home, but the show support from friends in city leaders.
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welcome back. it is 5:13 am. students in the town of lower lake where the clayton fire has been burning are heading back to school. lower lake high school is missing some very important work equipment the shed store and $24,000 worth of softball
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gear was the only property damage on campus the girl soccer team uniforms are also gone. the coach took him home to wash them that was before her house burned down she lost everything players in school officials say that sports can help fire victims regain a sense of control after a disaster. >> a lot of people lost their homes and stuff like that is a lot more important than the softball court. but it means a lot to these young ladies who worked there by the >> it's devastating is like our second home.>> i can't wait to get back and start playing sports. football team also lost some of its equipment and the school b and had many of his instruments destroyed but the school plans to hold homecoming on september 9 as scheduled. students in nearby clearlake started school yesterday that was a week later than kids and teachers expected. this is the second year in a row that fires had delayed the
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start of schools. this year's the clayton fire and last year they had to deal with the valley fire. the raiders in 49ers are helping schools -- are hoping schools, and coming together to help forge equipment lost in the fire. >> these kids, lost everything that they had. so, with that in mind we wanted to jump on that and get on it right away so that the kids can go back because the sports are very important in high school. >> they each donated $10,000 and are encouraging their fans to donate as well. we have posted more information about how you can help on our website just go to, click on news and check the local section on the story on lower lake high school sports and you can find a way to donate . the name and reputation of
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ryan lochte may never be repaired according to some sports marketing experts after his scandal. corporate sponsors are cutting ties with him and he could lose $1 million in sponsorship deals. the companies are speed off, ralph lauren, and a japanese snatches maker. he apologized for what he called being less than truthful when he first reported that he and three other american swimmers were robbed at gunpoint. harvey levin says that there may be one thing that he can do now. >> we asked him, are you thinking about going to rehab because remember, this is something that michael phelps did and michael phelps not only resurrected himself but he became a hero of the olympics. and he left that open. >> will he claims that he was drunk when he knocked down a billboard at a gas station and they'll of the committee says that they will take even more action against him and the other swimmers. steph curry's daughter riley
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now has one of the best children's playhouse is that you can imagine. she has dreamed of a princess pony playhouse at 10 pm tonight on the tlc network a couple of designers will make her dream come true. look at this. that main room features very nice decorations a big sofa, curtains, that playhouse is in the backyard of his home in walnut creek. >> that looks nice on in my house. >> while -- impressive. 5:17 am is the time. >> if you are a dad want to give your little girl -- you want to spoil her. >> you are building one like that now? >> sure i am. >> morning everybody let's take a look at the commute the traffic is going to be busy we
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are going to look at the gilroy commute. it is not a bad drive it looks good although into the valley. there is a little bit of slowing all ready as you get closer to blossom hill road. it is not really a major problem. also, looking at the commute for live pictures this is highway 4 traffic is moving well and over the hill to concord. and at the bay bridge we don't see backup no problems getting into the city. it is 5:18 am and let's go to steve. >> good morning. >> we do that pretty good fog bank here and a decent delta breeze not crazy but we have seen some gusts about 30. and lower clouds are making their mutual -- usual march. it has been going crazy with thunderstorm activity. look at that. big boomers blowing up as we said.
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the fog is building, the temperatures are starting in the 50s and 60s you get gusts to 31 that's pretty good we will keep an eye on that 50s on the temps and some locations are holding in their. boulder creek and scotts valley you don't see that all of the time. also santa clara 39 up in truckee and 57 sacramento and only 10 off for monterey. this looks quiet but i'm sure that it will pick up later a couple of things going on look at the activity here. eventually low pressure will carve itself out. until then it looks like no changes in the bay and then temperatures a couple of degrees warmer. the next couple of days tomorrow looks warmer and unless something changes it looks cooler for the inland areas. thank you.
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a final report out on the tragic death of a little boy at disney world in minutes, a tourist says that she saw before the little boy died. russia has been banned from the paralympic games. the actions that the committee will take so that they do not miss the games.
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
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we are seeing what is called unintended consequences caused by the massive release of personal information by wikileaks and wikileaks published medical files belonging to hundreds of private to the since. the sensitive information includes family financial or identity records that were posted online. there are also being confused -- accused of naming the mentally ill. so far no comment from wikileaks founder. united states state department has updated his travel warning for american citizens. the state department is emphasizing the risk that the habit dual iranian citizenship they do not recognize dual citizenship. they say, that they continue to unjustly detained and in prison united states citizens particularly iranian americans.
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despite the recent lifting of sanctions they have no diplomatic relations state department says that they have no way to protect american citizens in iran. the court of arbitration for sport has decided to confirm russia's ban from the paralympic games in real next month. the verdict comes after an investigation revealed a state- sponsored doping program. almost 270 russian athletes will now miss the games. the -- they accuse them of doping and coverups which ran from 2011 to 2015. officials say an appeal by the committee to switzerland federal court as possible though it is unlikely before the games begin. investigators have released the final report on the death of a little boy who was killed by an alligator near walt disney world. according to the report a tourist says that she was on the beach at the grand
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floridian resort 25 minutes before the little boy was attacked. she says her two daughters saw a gator about 5 feet from the beach and one of them told him employee who went to tell a supervisor. the report says that the father desperately tried to save his son by reaching into the alligators mouth to pry his son free. he was not able to save him. the walt disney world resort has not commented. concern over the zika virus has florida's governor and miami beach izmir accusing each other of not doing enough. miami beach has the zika outbreak. and in miami. and they got the combative virus and hasn't kept people informed about the latest
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cases. however the governor is pushing back. the mayor is the one who hasn't stayed on top of anything and hasn't attended events and even miss the conference call last friday. it is 5:26 am. cracking down on liquor fueled parties. the new alcohol policy at stanford university.
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i like your house. >> nice, welcome. thank you for joining us. we are here in the bay area. and good morning.
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>> they give for joining us. let's check the weather. we have your forecast for your tuesday morning. >> not much change. >> it varies house to house. and one step beyond. >> very good. >> [applause] >> sometimes they make it. let's take a look outside. and a decent breeze. i don't think that there's too much change. and then temperatures are bouncing one way or the other. and 60s and 70s although, smoke and hayes from monterey big sur fire continues to build. not only that but big thunderstorms. they waited a long time for this to happen. i don't think that there will be any change. low clouds and fog and give way to sunshine and a gust of 31 and no problem there.
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50s and 60s on the temps and thunderstorm activity be advised there are big boomers. 60s, 70s, and lower to middle 80s unless you are in lake county. what you want to start with here ? >> we are looking at a commute that is going to be a little slow. and, you will see, that traffic is going to be slow. -- not flow, crowded. but we have a lot of people on fairfield that is up to junction. and hercules in fact getting over to west costa county this could be your opportunity to get ahead of the crowd. and people are all ready out there. you'll see traffic is slow here.
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it's not like it's going to be. but this is the beginning of the commute when you get onto the braid it looks good. this commute looks light. at 532 let's go back to the desk. >> all right. san jose police shortage is a crisis. city leaders to declare a state of emergency to put more police officers out on the street. janine is joining us live. tell us more about this. >> just like the jobsite -- is here, they need more bodies in the last. there was only seven graduates that are going to work with the police department. and this sounds like a case of desperate times call for desperate measures. and city leaders are working to move around 50 detectives and officers. and to patrol on preliminary list nearly every unit is
5:33 am
supposed to be hit the gang unit, sexual assault, liaison, traffic, the reason the department needs a minimum of 500 officers to work patrol but it only has 413 that are available. >> we have numbers that are so horrific just within the last week that we are talking about over 340 ten-hour shifts that need to be filled every single week and patrol. >> leadership is all ready calling it a state of emergency. they will be meeting this week to discuss the reassignment of officers this comes as the department is trying to move forward. on the november ballot there is a measure that undoes the measure b pension reform that has been blamed for hundreds of officers leaving the department. some say that new measure will lou were qualified applicants -- lower -- attract all fight
5:34 am
applicants. >> how do they think about the idea of moving more officers to work patrols?>> well, talking to some of them, who are looking forward to going to that bureau, they took a test the past the test and were looking for a change. and those people are upset about having to stay in patrol potentially. however, if you're out there on patrol in struggling because you don't have enough bodies, those people are looking at it as a good thing because they really could use 50 more officers on the street. so really depends on what your department is. san jose police are asking the public for help they want to find whoever killed his two brothers sunday night. the 35-year-old in his 27-year- old were both fathers and
5:35 am
commercial truck drivers. they say one or both of them had left the gang life behind them but the games apparently did not let go of them. they were killed in a drive-by shooting that riddled cars and houses on their block. >> you become no good to them. now you are a threat to them because you have been around and you know a lot and you have seen what they saw, you have been in those meetings, in the inner circle. >> their family is planning a double funeral the deaths of the ramirez brothers brings a number of homicides in san jose 233 that is -- to 33, that is more than total of 2015. witnesses told the san jose mercury news a white pickup or suv was used by the shooters. happening today, a hearing continues on whether or not to move the trial of the
5:36 am
individual kidnapping and killing a teenager they are considering motions on a change of venue. her body has not been found but prosecutors say that dna evidence links her -- links him to sierra. they release the photo of a bank robbery suspect i want you to take a look. he is described as being white or latino they say that the suspect had his face partially concealed was wearing dark clothing and is in his 20s. they say he was with another man who fits the same description. they say the suspect walked up to a man using the wells fargo atm in the washington square shopping center. august 11 about 5:30 am. the victim said a suspect held a gun to his head and demanded money. he gave them what they want to, anyone who recognizes that man, or who saw anything at that atm
5:37 am
is encouraged to call police. mountain view police arrested a man who is accused of burglarizing an apartment. police say that the 35-year-old made a reservation through error be in be -- air bnb got a call about them opening up a credit card in his name. his plan to pick up a iphone. detectives went to the store and arrested him where they also found several items from the apartment in his car. police say that they are seeing a trend where criminals make reservations on short-term rentals only to get information and then later burglarize them. standford university is trying to crack down on alcohol fueled parties. stanford updated its alcohol policy banning all hard liquor from underground gush undergrad -- undergrad partis -- parties.
5:38 am
if you break the rules you could be removed from university housing. this comes months after the sentencing of former stanford athlete brough turner was convicted for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman after they both drank heavily at a campus party. were also finding out more about the judge who has recused himself from making key decisions and a another sex case. judge aaron persky was supposed to decide whether or not to reduce a san jose man felony conviction for possession of child pornography three misdemeanor. according to the mercury news, he recused himself saying that some people might doubt if he can be impartial. persky has come under a lot of criticism after sentencing him to six months in jail when prosecutors asked for six years. a 20 or -- a 20-year-old man is accused of -- inappropriately touching a female student. they say that
5:39 am
he visited foothill high he is to go to school monday afternoon. the girl told school officials that he confronted her grabbed her and tore her shorts. they say she was not physically hurt. the school resource officer tracked him down who at first gave a false name. he was later arrested. police say they also found a knife. investigators are looking into why he touched the girl they don't believe any other students were targeted. a man running for the school board may be a victim of a hate crime because of the disability. he was born without years but he can now hear after years of reconstructive surgery he found a message outside of his home someone had spray-painted the word quit. >> i am not a career politician. i'm trying to advocate the right about prejudice and the
5:40 am
disability. the disability, just because they are blind or they can be whatever they want. >> the vigil says they will not drop out of the race, city leaders went to his home and scrubbed off the graffiti to show support. wildlife experts will try again to capture a sick coyote. they have been posting photos and videos of this coyote on social media. and it is suffering from mange it is a skin disease caused by mites. they have tried to capture him but so far he has stayed out of reach. people in the neighborhood are letting wildlife experts know when they see it. >> it was really refreshing to get all these calls concerned about this coyote's welfare rather than wanting to see it dead. >> there hoping that people will keep letting them know
5:41 am
where they see the coyote. they do not want people to feed it or even go near it because they do not want to to run away. -- it to run away. the debate over affordable housing and san francisco continues, coming up the new report by the city controller that shows demands could slow new construction. don't forget i will always be with you in your heart and soul a precious unexpected gift days after she died. up next the farewell letter she wrote years earlier.
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welcome back. the san francisco giants down in los angeles where they will face up tonight against southern california rivals the dodgers. la is leading in the standings by one game. they beat them 18 to 9. it looks like you're looking at the same pitch and hit but you are not. they hit seven home runs. they will be sending madison to pitch the first game of the spigot three-game series. the slump continues but the loss to the cleveland indians was a look close one -- was a close one. they gave them a lead and that would end up being the final score the same two teams go again tonight. the man who saved a woman from an attempted kidnapping was honored last night in oakland. they chatted with the manager of melvin before the game --
5:45 am
bob melvin before the game. they say that he saved a woman as a man pepper sprayed her and try to drag her into a car. they are still looking for that suspect. they now say that he may be linked to at least two other kidnapping attempts. we are hearing from the mother of a woman who died while trying to save the life of another person. the paramedic died july 29 in the medical plane that she was in crashed. the pilot, a nurse, and the patient were also killed. we were flying from crescent city's oakland when that plane went down. two days after that plane crash, the stepfather found a letter that she had written to her mother in case she died. >> this is going to be hard to read. if you are reading this, that something has happened and you have gotten a phone call that no parent should ever have to get. you're going to feel
5:46 am
lonely and sad and cry a whole bunch. but i want you to remember this, i died doing what i love and helping people. >> they wrote that letter several years ago. her mother now reads it at least once a day sometimes two or three times. she is planning a memorial for her daughter. family and friends of a san francisco woman who was seriously hurt when she was hit by a tree branch has set up a go fund me page. they were at washington sq., park with her daughters on august 12. the 100 pound tree branch fell on her head leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. her husband has taken time off from work so that he can care for his family. the organizer hopes to raise the the thousand dollars for the family. so far, about $6200 has been donated. the city is re-examining the condition of those trees since
5:47 am
the accident. happening today alejo native and rapper e- 40 will be helping students go back to school. he will be visiting at 8 am. i want to show you video when he has helped spread holiday cheer for the salvation army. today, he has given $27,000 worth of backpacks to kids at franklin middle school. if you're heading out for breakfast you might want to consider making a stop at ihop. a short stack of their buttermilk pancakes will only cost one dollar. all of the money is going to benefit the nonprofit organization no kid hungry, it works towards ending childhood hunger. if you can't make it today information runs through september 2010 -- september 25. typically you pay a dollar and they ask for donations. >> yes, a little butter and maple syrup. >> i am hungry now. >> along with a refreshing
5:48 am
cale's movie. >> -- cale's movie. -- kale smoothie. >> yes, well let's look at this commute. this is driving towards the 205 interchange, we have stop and go traffic. this traffic is down to about 15 miles an hour. if you come to the merge through the construction zone, it looks okay. southbound 680 we have a little problem. from pleasanton heading south they will be a little slow as those speeds are a little bit down. give yourself a little bit extra time. also, looking at the commute on the bay bridge toll plaza we have a backup. traffic is backed up by about 15 minutes before you make it onto the span. and in san jose, northbound 280
5:49 am
it looks pretty good as you drive up that highway. steve? >> yes. >> as we go to you, back in the control room. -- we can see the time square? >> you just probably woke them up you know that. there they are. that is broadway at seven. that is heading downtown and there is the bubba gump shrimp company. you know who works close to there, a friend of ours. my buddy stuart. the story is, he was working in concord a company that sold and they said, we were going to fire you but we like to offer you a job. what's the bad news? is in new york. anyways, a good guy. all right, so the smoke is coming up, good news and bad news.
5:50 am
the smoke has been very bad very hazy skies, plus there have been a couple of disturbances floating about that did figure in shower activity. also, we had rain out near discovery sprinkles -- not really rain. the thunderstorm activity has been going crazy. so be advised. and up and down the crest of the sierra, we get the fog, low clouds, and gus almost 30 -- gusts almost 30. the onshore breeze is in place, concord, and the oakland airport. and we have 50s and low 60s for some. mill valley 56, calistoga 52, but dig a bay -- bodega bay 54.
5:51 am
the birds run last night, is actually watching it.>> very good. >> 41 truckee, 58 monterey, and thunderstorm activity if you're heading up the best time to go is now. and, if you beat them to the punch. look at the activity. my goodness. just going crazy. eventually, low pressure will dig in. it may take a couple of days. 60s, coast and bay, and when temperatures, one day they cool off, the next day they warm up. they level off on thursday and up everything continues to march -- come in as advertised, a pretty significant cooling trend. >> all right. >> most of that is still there. it is 5:51 am.
5:52 am
a church hit by a thief, and the valuable religious relic that they are searching for now. ally a hug.
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welcome back. police are looking for in ancient relic. it is a sliver of wood said to be from the
5:55 am
cross that jesus christ was crucified on. it was stolen thursday from st. dominic's catholic church. they someone -- they say someone broke in to the church. the church has security cameras but, not wear this theft occurred. >> it is a shame that somebody takes it and prevent the -- and prevents the congregation here of having access to that potential for a miracle and somebody is going to probably just try to sell it for a few bucks. >> church officials say that they have placed a sign asking that the thief give back the relic with no questions asked. if it is returned they will put it in a more secure display case. a sacramento bakery is getting criticism for a photo of a cake that they paste -- posted. they made a cake of a ken doll that was dressed up like a cat -- barbie doll.
5:56 am
some say it looked great others were not happy about it. a co-owner says there were a lot of rude comment on facebook and turned into a debate. >> at first i was shocked and then, i was surprised and then i thought you can't make everyone happy. >> the bakery said it deleted a lot of the negative comments. the feedback coming in is mostly positive. the customer who ordered the cake was thrilled with the finished product. is 5:56 am, a former correctional deputies has been arrested the accusations of an assault on an inmate three years ago. and in just about an hour, president. obama will leave on a trip to the flood ravaged area of louisiana. we will talk about the massive cleanup efforts that are underway.
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good morning 13 people killed, 60,000 homes damaged as louisiana tries to recover from devastating floods. president. obama is due to arrive today to see the damage in person. a new update to the alcohol policy at stanford university the ban in place a campus policies. good morning, thank you for joining us. tuesday morning, august 23 i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. talk about weather. steve, it is all you. >> not much changing, guys. it is kind of stuck. the and when temperatures will kind of tool bit -- will start to cool down. we maybe a couple of degrees warmer, or cooler but i don't
6:00 am
see any change. i'm a -- with -- it will be a little bit warmer and land tomorrow. but it looks cooler for everybody into the weekend. low fog, decent breeze, temperatures are about the same as yesterday. usually you look for each sign -- a sign of cooler weather. but we have some thunderstorms. we have a roaring delta breeze. that will not eager -- equal warmer weather. 50s here, 58, pittsburgh and antioch. everyone is pretty close together. those clouds will retreat and we know the drill 60s, 70s, and 80s. where do you want to start, sal ? >> yes things are picking up. today,